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Truly Italian in the world

Truly Italian in The World: San Paolo

Truly Italian in The World: San Paolo
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San Paolo: vibrant energy

I arrived in San Paolo a few weeks ago, but I feel already immersed in the atmosphere of the city. I am going to stay here for some months, for an architecture project I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

I am living an extraordinary experience in the Brazilian metropolis that shines with life and colors. For now, I am staying in a flat of some Italian friends who moved here many years ago, and who kindly gave me the chance to live in one of their lofts.

Since I’ve stepped in this chaotic and charming city, I’ve been experiencing unexpected adventures and moments of pure joy. San Paolo is energetic, a frenzy mix of cultures and stories that intertwine in the buzzing streets. Every corner is a fragment of bustling life in the historical squares, in the lively districts, in the urban panoramas that capture the eyes.

The Praça da Sé, with its fusion of modern and historical architecture is the heart of this incredible city.

The Mercado Municipal is another jewel of the city, an ethnic jubilation of colors and flavors. Among the stalls where there are exotic fruits, artisanal cheese and spices, local people live a sensorial experience that reflect the richness of their culinary culture.

Even the skyline is breathtaking. It is dominated by the Torre Banespa and the Italia skyscraper. Besides their architectural grandeur, these buildings are silent witnesses of the ambitions and the challenges of the city.

Gaggia San Paolo
Gaggia San Paolo
Gaggia San Paolo

Once on top, one can enjoy a spectacular view that embraces the infinity, with streets and alleys that compose this urban mosaic.

The hidden alleys of Vila Madalena are a refuge for the street art lovers. Wonderful murals and graffiti decorate the walls of this bohémien district, where art expresses the true essence of San Paolo. Individuality and eclecticism make this city unique.

But as I am a passionate architect, I expected to find all this. The true surprise was another one, that I encountered when I entered my new home. In the kitchen, there was a white Gaggia Classic, ready to make me live the authentic Italian espresso experience! This machine soon became a friend, an anchor of stability in these chaotic days.

And, as the machine itself wasn’t enough, my friend gave me two bags of Gaggia Intenso coffee, a blend that finds its roots in Brazil. Making coffee is, for me, a sensorial journey, a ritual I’ve embraced enthusiastically. In particular, this blend has a round and velvety body, with light hints of cocoa, hazelnuts and spices, that intertwine just like the streets of this town. Every sip tells a different story.

The combination of Italy and Brazil, with the research of Gaggia and my personal preferences, created a coffee experience that became a precious part of my days. Even if I’ve been here for a few weeks only, I’ve already got into the habit of inviting my colleagues for an espresso right after dinner, as I used to do in Italy…and they’re all enthusiast! I was more into automatic machines, and I didn’t know Gaggia Classic very well, but I’ve already understood how to use it in the best way, and now I have my personal coffee station. And while I live this adventure, I bring with me the spirit of Italy and the passion for coffee, as every cup was a small piece of home.

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