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Truly Italian in the World: Istanbul

Truly Italian in the World: Istanbul
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A symphony city

The city of Istanbul, with its ancient traditions, breathtaking landscapes and unique atmosphere, is one of the most fascinating metropolises in the world. This extraordinary place offers a myriad of sensory experiences, with its bright colours, vibrant sounds and enveloping scents.

Istanbul is a city of contrasts and nuances, where modernity blends harmoniously with thousand-year-old antiquities. Just take a walk through the narrow streets to immerse yourself in a riot of different perceptions.

The crowded markets are a symphony of voices and tones; the fine fabrics displayed on the stalls show off a vast range of colours, from glittering gold to ruby red, from deep blue to bright orange. Mosaics and ceramics adorn the walls of buildings and mosques, creating a kaleidoscope of shades in every corner of the city.

The architecture is a fascinating mix of styles from different eras and cultures, and the building facades tell the story of the city. The minarets that dot the urban landscape, with their intricate geometries and soft shades, create a magical scene, especially at sunset when the colors of the sky combine with those of the architecture.

Among all the cultural peculiarities of the city, there is a particular habit that unites the inhabitants and gives them a sense of belonging: the singular way of consuming coffee, a drink that occupies a central place in Turkish culture.

Drinking coffee is much more than just a habit: it’s a social art form that involves friends, family and colleagues.

“Kahve”, as Turkish coffee is called, is different from the classic Italian espresso. It is prepared slowly in a traditional coffee pot called “cezve” or “ibrik”, then served in small cups in a particular way, almost making it fall from above.

Usually, it is accompanied by lokum, also known as “Turkish delight”, typical sweets of the Turkish tradition.

They are treats made primarily from sugar, water, and cornstarch or potato starch, mixed together to form a thick paste. This paste is then flavored with ingredients such as rose extract, lemon essence, pistachios or hazelnuts, depending on the type of lokum you want to make.

Once flavored, the paste is poured into a container and left to cool and solidify. Subsequently, it is cut into small cubes and dusted with icing sugar or grated coconut to prevent adhesion between the cubes.

Drinking coffee in Istanbul is much more than a simple sensory experience, it is a meditative ritual, where time seems to slow down, and conversations become more intimate.

Being a city steeped in history and culture, every corner is an opportunity to immerse yourself in age-old traditions and taste local delicacies. But amidst this union of past and present, there is also room for innovation and new habits.

Even in Istanbul you can experience your tailor-made coffee moment, maybe still accompanied by the classic lokum, in perfect harmony with your tastes, but in which you decide and personalize your favorite drink. In fact, with a Gaggia machine, you can create your customized coffee moment, wherever you are.

And as the Sun sets over the Bosphorus, you find yourself sitting, eyes on the horizon, in the company of your friends old and new, and you recreate your coffee ritual with a different backdrop, sharing the beauty of Turkey with others without giving up to your personal Gaggia touch.

Because it is precisely in the coexistence between ancient and modern, between tradition and novelty, that the soul of Gaggia and the soul and reflection of the city of Istanbul itself come together, in which the past and the future coexist in a fascinating balance, respecting each other.

A balance to be fully experienced, to be explored with curiosity, because it is capable of giving an unforgettable experience to anyone lucky enough to explore it.

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