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Truly Italian in the world

Truly Italian in The World: Munich

Truly Italian in The World: Munich
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Munich as a dance

In the heart of Europe there is Munich, a city that dances gracefully between tradition and modernity.

The historical center of Munich, with its paved streets and warm colored buildings, becomes a dancefloor in which the centuries-old architecture performs a harmonious dance. The façades of the ancient palaces are like posing dancers, while the historical churches hover as butterflies that look up to the sky.

The city parks are a green stage where trees and flowers dances following the rhythm of the wind. The meadows on the banks of the Isar river become the perfect scene where the blooming nature and the flowing river meets with elegance, and create a fluid and enchanting choreography.

The Marienplatz, beating heart of Munich, gets animated as a lively ballroom. Here, the market stalls are part of a vibrant frenzy, where fruit and vegetables make a colorful vortex. People, as a urban dance troupe, move across the streets and create a festive atmosphere that fully enlightens the German city.

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Art galleries and museums are like creativity temples, and the exhibitions and expos tell the rich cultural story of Munich.

And what about the breweries, the places in which the Bavarian tradition strongly expresses itself? Here, people gather as in a saloon, raising pints of amber beer and cheering happily, all together. The traditional music resounds in the air, inviting everyone to take part to this collective dance of joy and conviviality.

And just as a dancer that performs precisely on stage, I do the same in my house with the city as my background with an exceptional choreographer: my Gaggia Cadorna Prestige.

Cadorna Prestige, a fully automatic espresso machine with high-end performances, allows me to have a real bar at home, and to offer my guests a wide series of drinks. From a simple espresso to latte macchiato XL, from the americano to the traditional cappuccino, I can live a tailored and high-quality experience, that can change every time, to suit all tastes.

So, while chatting and smiling, with old and new friends, with a simple click I can access a world of beverages and customizations – aroma, intensity, quantity and temperature… – that make me feel as a real protagonist of the stage.

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